Young Adult Havurah (YAH)

Young Adult Havurah Community Service Day

Young Adult Havurah
Community Service Day

The Machar Young Adult Havurah is made up of folks in their 20s and 30s interested in or affiliated with Secular Humanistic Judaism.  We provide a relaxed, inclusive, and welcoming space for unaffiliated young adults and current members of the congregation. Membership in Machar is not a prerequisite to attend our activities. We host a variety of events including monthly Shabbat celebrations, informal holiday get-togethers, Jewish cultural events, just for fun activities, and collective attendance at Machar’s Adult Ed classes.  We welcome all who are interested to participate, plan events, post an idea, or just come to learn about Secular Humanistic Judaism.

Fall 2015 Young Adult Havurah Calendar of Events

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